Salt Lake City , Utah
The best in Utah Landscape services for over 35 years.

  • Landscaping Services
    Low Maintenance, Water Conservation, Xeriscape, Native Plants & Landscape Redesign
  • Artistic Yard & Property Maintenance
    Yard maintenance with an artistic touch. Our detail-oriented workers will leave your yard or property looking better than ever.
  • Weekly Lawn Care Service
    Our signature lawn service complete with edging and blowing.
  • Lawn Aeration
    Aeration allows proper air & nutrient circulation to the root system of your lawn.
  • Fertilization Programs
    • Lawn Fertilization
    • Tree & Shrub Fertizilation
    • Dormant Oil Treatment
    • Rose Food / Systemic Treatment
    • Weed Preventative
    • Humate & Gypsum Application
  • Sprinkling
    • Basic Repairs & Modification
    • Water Conservation & Efficiency

Property Maintenance Services - Summer Special