What is the difference between Organic and ‘Regular’ fertilizers?
Organic nutrients are "stored" in complex organic molecules until soil microorganisms break them down and "release" the nutrients for plant use. Regular synthetic fertilizers are chemical-based and need to be watered in.

Does Wilderness Organic Fertilizer kill weeds?

No. Wilderness Organic Fertilizer is strictly a fertilizer. However, a thick lawn chokes out existing weeds and helps prevent weeds from germinating seedlings.

Is it safe?

Yes. Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Wilderness Organic Fertilizer. The fertilizer we use meets the most stringent criteria imposed on any fertilizer product for health, safety and environmental concerns.

Will it burn my lawn?

No. Our organic fertilizer does not contain any salts, so it will not burn your lawn - even in hot summer weather.

Does Wilderness Organic Fertilizer need to be watered in to work?

No. It is not necessary to water in our all-natural fertilizer for it to work. It will stay on the soil until it rains or irrigation activates soil microbes that break it down into its nutrients. Watering in the fertilizer will ensure that the fertilizer achieves soil contact earlier and speed up the fertilizing process, but it is not necessary.

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