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Information about our Organic-Based Fertilizers

Does Organic Fertilizer kill weeds?

No. Organic Fertilizer is strictly a fertilizer.
Wilderness Landscaping's nutrient rich organic-based fertilizer program helps create a thick lawn. A thick lawn helps chokes out existing weeds and helps prevent weeds from germinating seedlings.
If you are having trouble with weeds in your lawn and still want to use organic-based fertilizers, we often suggest a hybrid program. Our hybrid program includes a Spring time pre-emergent application and 1-2 applications weed killer, after which we switch to the Wilderness organic-based program.

Is it safe?

Yes. Children and pets can safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Wilderness Organic Based Fertilizers without waiting for the product to dry, unlike standard applications.
The other synthetic fertilizers and weed treatments we offer are safe as well, however you must wait for the product to dry before entering the treated areas.

Will it burn my lawn?

No. Our organic fertilizer does not contain any salts, so it will not burn your lawn - even in the hot Utah summers!

Does Wilderness Organic Fertilizer need to be watered in to work?

No. It is not necessary to water in our natural fertilizers. The product stay on the soil until it rains or your irrigation system runs. Watering in the product will speed up the nutrient absorbtion process, however it is not necessary.

How do Organic-Based Fertilizers work?

Organic nutrients are "stored" in complex organic molecules until soil microorganisms break them down and "release" the nutrients for plant use.