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Lawn Services

Salt Lake City, Utah

Landscape Services include:

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Why Choose Wilderness?

Experienced Landscapers


We know there's alot of landscape services in Utah these days, and it can be difficult to choose the best lawn care company. With over 45 years servicing residential and commercial landscapes, we know how to make your landscape great!
You deserve the best, and Wilderness Landscaping has the experience to make your landscape shine!

Define your Landscape


Whether you are looking to bring more nature to your front door, or need help taming it - we're here to help!
We offer a wide variety of landscape services, and can craft a package that fits your needs. Let us treat your property with the professional care and attention to detail it deserves!

High Quality Lawn Services


We prioritize providing you with the highest quality service!
Our plants, trees, and products are all hand selected.
We always take the time to trim clean edges and cleanup after, leaving your home looking freshly manicured after each visit!

Lets grow your landscape together!


We use the best fertilizing products available to keep your lawn & landscape healthy!
Our new water savings programs will significantly reduce your water usage and also improve areas where proper water coverage is difficult to achieve.