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Reduce Your Water Usage!

With the recent droughts in Utah its more important than ever to reduce our water usage.
We offer the products and treatments that will help you reduce water usage while maintaining and improve your landscape!

Check out some of the benefits:

Reduce Water Bills

Reduce the need to water by up to 50%

Combat Summer Stress

Increased water availability to root system will help reduce declines during summer stress.

Repair & Reduce Dry Spots

Maximize the efficiency of the water you use to reduce and repair dry patches in your lawn.

How does it work?

After application, the product acts like tiny water magnents which attack water molecules and retain moisture for longer.

Is it safe?

Yes! The products we use are safe to use around people and pets, and there is no wait period before you can enter the application area.

Where is it used?

The products we use are for use in residential gardens, and are even used in commercial food production!

Example of Treated vs Untreated
Compare Treated Areas To Nontreated Areas

How It Works:
How Hydretain Works